DT&L Week 1 (315)

Launch! Here we go!

We are standing on the edge of a 10 meter diving platform and wondering whether we can pull this off.

Our first week investigating the intersection of disruption, technology and the law. Our first week immersed in some new technology platforms. We will spend the next five or six weeks discussing different aspects of that intersection and using those platforms to share the collective learning, interpretation and perspective that will result from those discussions.

Remember to complete the pre-first meeting requests found here. And, be sure to complete the Slack registration once you have received your invitation so that you can complete your posts to the #introductions and #why-dtl channels before Monday.

Please review the Slack posts to the #introductions, #why-dtl and the #tips-for-??? channels since we will discuss them this week.

For your reading and viewing pleasure, I will post some articles and videos to the Week 1 channel in Slack. Please review them since they will support this week’s discussions.

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