DT&L Deliverables (315)

You are responsible for completing the following deliverables this semester.

Attendance, Preparation & Participation

Success in this course will require you to do more than simply appear in class twice a week and answer an occasional question. I expect that all of my students will be prepared to actively participate in our in class discussions since that is a key way to take as much away from the course as possible. Please review the Class Participation Rubric in the Attendance, Preparation & Participation section of this site.


A meditation is defined as a “written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject”. That is what you will prepare periodically over the next weeks. I will create a channel in Slack that will pose a question for your consideration. Your response, in that Slack channel, is simply a reflection on the issues that flow from the question posed. It is not an exercise that requires academic sourcing, MLA formatting, etc. It is your thoughts on the issues, no more or less. If you think that linking to additional materials that explain or support your meditation then it is appropriate to do that.

No more guidance than that … except that you know what my expectations of performance entail. As I noted in the Assessment section of this site …

I have very high expectations for performance for my students. I expect that you will bring your best efforts to all of your interactions with your classmates, your course and with me. I presume that you are attending college, and my course, because you are interested in your future success.

I will post the question sometime after we meet on Wednesdays. This particular deliverable will be due every Saturday by 10:48p. Don’t be late … you know how I feel about missing deadlines!

Disruptive Technology Analysis


A significant portion of your work in this course (half, actually) will be as part of a team. Your work on that team will focus on the development of an analysis that examines the impact of disruptive technology from several frames of reference including, but not limited to, a particular industry, business model and more generally the societal implications of the disruption. You will also consider the areas of law that are, or might be, implicated as the disruption evolves. Of course, I expect that you will address the ethical issues that arise as a result of the impact of disruption.

Your project will be built in Google docs and shared in Slack. Everyone in the course will have the opportunity to review and comment on the progress of each team’s project. Your final report will incorporate text, multimedia and sufficient sources to support your work.


Each team will offer regular update presentations on the progress of their project during the semester. Your team will conclude its work with a presentation of its final project. You will conclude with a presentation of your final project.


We will build out the DTA project schedule over the next few weeks.

And, finally

I am sure that you know what to do or … you’ll figure it out!

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