DT&L Before We Meet (315)

As I noted in my welcome to the course I am very much looking forward to working with you. Before you get started be sure to visit, and carefully review, the Course Policies section of this site.

Since most of the team has worked with me before it will come as no surprise that I have a few pre-meeting items for you to work on. Since we will be working with some new, and exciting, technology I would like to get started setting up access to those platforms before we meet.

We will be using Slack as our primary communications platform. We will experiment with three other platforms by integrating them with Slack. We will integrate Trello, a web-based project management system. We will also integrate Google Drive for content creation and file sharing and Google Hangouts for real-time video conferencing.

You will need to create a Google+ profile and share that with me so that I can add you to the DT&L G+ circle. I have already started a DT&L circle with the profiles of those who have worked with me before. For those who have not shared your profile with me previously, you can find guidance on creating it here.

We will use Slack for all of our team communication and sharing ideas, content, reactions and plans.

I will send you an invitation soon to join our Slack team. Please use your SHU email and your full name as your screen name when you create your  Slack profile and join the DT&L team. When your Slack profile is confirmed, please visit our team site and poke around a bit. Also, please post your responses to the #introductions and #why-dtl channels.

Finally, you can access Slack from any browser (mobile or desktop) and via the Slack apps for either either type of device. Please download and install the Slack apps to your Mac, PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android versions are available) before we meet on the 31st. You will need to keep your Slack access live on your devices so that we can fully integrate the platform into our learning environment.

That should do it for now … see you on the 31st!


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