Disruption, Technology & Law (BLAW4320EXP_315)

 … examines several of the many issues and challenges propelled by technology driven disruption
and the effect of those disruptions on the law  … 

Hello everyone …

Welcome to Disruption, Technology and Law.

Much like the subject matter, I do not intend that our course will look and feel very much like any other course that you have enrolled in before. I am offering DT&L on an experimental basis while we work out the kinks in the design, subject matter, technology and pretty much everything else associated with it. I put together the original design last spring and have been working on our learning environment all summer. Not surprisingly, I have already changed (think disrupted) the original design rather dramatically and I suspect that will continue as we work through this shared experience.

I decided to pull this course together following a terrific Ideas & Trends session last year. We looked at the dramatic effect that disruption of established business models and expectations was having on all sorts of assumptions that we make, and rely on, every day. The 2015 I&T team urged me to design (hmmm …) this experience so that we could dive into the deep end of the pool in some of the areas that we had touched on then.

So … we will examine several of the many issues and challenges propelled by technology driven disruption. It is clear that the established order in business, and society more generally, faces unprecedented change as a result. Since the legal and regulatory environment, broadly defined, is often among the most significant influencer of outcomes we will examine the implications of these disruptive technologies on the law as well. In the spirit of disruption we will take a hybrid (or blended) approach to this learning environment that we will be creating, modifying and consuming over the next several months.

While we will meet F2F weekly we will also integrate a variety of digital tools and platforms into our work, hence the idea of a hybrid course. We will work primarily in the digital platforms that will support the DT&L team (more on those here) rather than Blackboard. I will use Bb for some shared functions but our use of that platform will be fairly limited, I think.

One last thought for now … the nature of this experience will, of necessity, require you to think differently about where you have been, where you are going and how you experience learning. It is important that we not only get our arms around the subject matter but we must also develop strategies for dealing with an unprecedented era of remarkable, and rapid, change. I expect that we will develop a significantly different, more collaborative environment … one that anticipates that we will actively engage in all of its opportunities.

I’ll see you soon  …


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