Cheating Is WrongPlagiarism is wrong. I strongly advise against engaging in any activity that might be considered to be, or misinterpreted as, or appear to be plagiarism. This sort of activity includes using someone else’s ideas or work and representing it as your own, failing to properly give credit to a source of information and paraphrasing another’s work without credit, among others. Plagiarism also includes using the text or internet to find answers to quiz and/or exam questions and/or collaborating with others when completing a quiz and/or exam.

In the event you are not certain what constitutes plagiarism, you will find a good primer on the subject at Please visit the site and review its materials carefully.

If you are wondering if there any penalties for plagiarism please visit the Seton Hall statement on Academic and Professional Integrity.

In the event that I discover that you have engaged in plagiarism you will fail the course. If I come to the conclusion that you knew, or should have known, that your submission was not properly sourced or because you negligently did not take the steps necessary to avoid plagiarism you will fail the course.

One last thing …
if you are enrolled in my course then you have agreed to conduct yourself in accord with this policy on plagiarism. There is no opt-out alternative!

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