Ideas & Trends 2009

The Stillman Leadership Development Class of 2009 began work on this project in September 2008 and continued through the 2008/09 academic year. The project deliverable was the development of a course that would examine new ideas and the potential trends that result from those ideas. The course would incorporate a variety of content sources, disruptive technologies (Web 2.0 tools, Amazon’s Kindle and Nokia’s E71 mobile device) and digital media.  Successful completion of this project would enable Leadership Development students to be better prepared to anticipate, adapt and respond to a constantly changing environment.

This project allowed a team of my students and colleagues to fashion a learning environment that incorporated disruptive ideas and technologies. The resulting experience allowed the entire team to stretch their own creativity to craft a truly innovative deliverable that will challenge all who participate in the project in the future.

This slide deck supported our January 2010 presentation on the project at EDUCAUSE Marc. It will offer you a sense of the scope, purpose and outcomes of Ideas And Trends.

You will find the original project wiki here. The project video is a great discussion of the Ideas & Trends experience.

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