Uniform Commercial Code (BLAW7313WB_216) | Online

               . . . introduce graduate students in business and accounting to commercial law,
products liability, bankruptcy and professional standards of performance  … 
Prerequisite: BMBA8009, Legal Studies PQ

Stillman’s Mission

… is to enrich each student’s life through an ethics-centered education focusing on transforming concepts into business practice.

Welcome To The Course

Welcome to the Uniform Commercial Code. This is your course syllabus. I will update this syllabus if I add something to the course or if something unexpected intervenes … like a hurricane or blizzard. It is your responsibility to remain current on course assignments and materials by reviewing this syllabus regularly for updates.

Please remember that this is an online course. Since online learning is significantly different from traditional F2F learning please review the materials located here before you decide to continue your enrollment in this course.

The course will launch on Sunday, June 5th and conclude on Wednesday, August 3rd. You should review this syllabus, the calendar and the other materials included in this site carefully. You will find answers to any questions when you review the rest of the information included on this site.

Please DM me in Slack if you have any questions after you’ve reviewed the site and this syllabus.

Before We Begin

We will launch on Sunday, June 5th and conclude on Wednesday, August 3rd. We will begin work on the first module of the course on Sunday, June 5th. Please click Before Our Class Begins to complete some housekeeping items that include completing your Slack and Google+ account creation and introducing yourself and agreeing to the learning contract.

Please complete these items as soon as possible so that we can begin work on Module 2 on Tuesday, June 7th.


This course is designed to acquaint graduate students of business and accounting with a varied but limited number of important concepts in the study of law as it relates to the business environment and the Uniform Commercial Code.

Contact Me

Professor John H. Shannon

  • Office: 651 Jubilee Hall
  • Email: john DOT shannon AT shu DOT edu
  • Office Hours: By appointment only

Since we will not have any scheduled class meetings we can schedule a video conference in Skype or G+ if you have any questions.

I prefer to use Slack for course communications. Please DM me in Slack with some days/times when you are available and we will set up a meeting.

What Should You Expect?

The subject matter will examine the phases of a commercial transaction.  Areas of study will include:  formation of a sales contract; title, risk and insurable interest; performance; remedies; warranties; product liability; commercial paper; creditor’s rights and bankruptcy. You will have a better sense of my perspective on learning environments after you read the page on Teaching and Learning.

Learning Objectives

Course activities are designed to permit the student to demonstrate the extent of knowledge learned in all subject areas, based on material covered in each module and learned through assignments. You will find the course learning objectives described in detail in the individual modules in the Course Schedule.

Required Course Materials

We will use Uniform Commercial Code, a McGraw-Hill custom edition built for this course. The eBook is available for purchase on-line here. The ISBN-13 number is 9781308634654.

Please purchase the text before Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

Additional Materials

I may assign additional materials for use in our course. I will post links to those materials in advance in the Course Schedule. Please check regularly for updates.


Since this is an online course and you have reviewed my Course Policies, you are familiar with my expectations about the use of technology in my courses. Your participation in this course will require you to engage with a number of different digital platforms. Our primary communication and collaboration platform will be Slack. If you need to reach me or have a question, please DM in Slack. We use Google+ for our video conversations, when necessary. If you have a question that will require an extended discussion, I usually use a video conference so that we can share content during the discussion. You will prepare your writing assignments using digital platforms in Slack and Blackboard that will allow you to enhance your text based content. You will use resources as varied as a search engine (GoogleDuckDuckGo or Bing) as well as those available from our own Walsh Library. If you are unfamiliar with any of the platforms we will use for this course, visit SlackBlackboard and Google+ to review their tutorials.

You are responsible for “figuring it out” when it comes to the “how to” aspects of a project. If you don’t know how to do something … “Google” it!

Many of my students have told me that “figuring it out” was both an unexpected and beneficial experience and a critical learning outcome.

Course Policies

It is your responsibility to become familiar with my Course Policies including preparation & participation; assignments; course communication; assessment and plagiarism. Please review them carefully.

As in the law … ignorance (of the Course Policies) is not an excuse.