UCC Deliverables (216)

You are responsible for completing the following deliverables this semester. Please review the Plagiarism page for information about what activities constitute cheating.


You will complete this deliverable in the appropriate folder in Blackboard.

Modules 2 through 6 will conclude with a quiz. You must complete each quiz during the time period when its module is available. Access to each module’s quiz closes at the end of that module’s availability.

Please review the information about each quiz that is available in the Course Schedule.


You will complete this deliverable in the appropriate folder in Blackboard.

There are two exams required during the course. You must complete each exam during the time period when it is available. Access to each exam closes at the end of its availability.

  • Exam #1 includes the material covered in Modules 2 and 3.
  • Exam #2 includes the material covered in Modules 4, 5 and 6.

Please review the information about each exam in the Course Schedule.

Connectivity Issues

When taking a quiz or exam, please be certain that your broadband connection is reliable and stable. My students in past semesters have occasionally experienced connectivity issues.

In the past, this type of connectivity problem arises as a result of an interruption in your connection (a hiccup in your broadband connection) to Blackboard or where the test has opened in a new tab or window. When that happens your connection times out in the first tab/window while you are working in the second. That has the same effect as the first possible cause … your connection to Bb is interrupted. Your quiz/exam stays active in the second tab/window but stops recording questions because the connection was interrupted due to the timeout in the first tab/window. Your best option is to be sure that your browser opens the quiz/exam in the same tab/window where you originally logged into Blackboard.

Most frequently connectivity issues arise when using Wi-FI particularly when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It is best if you avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots when taking a quiz/exam. Be certain that your Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable. I suggest, if possible, that you connect your computer directly to your Internet source (router) via an Ethernet cable. This should assure that you have a stable connection while completing the course assignments.

If your connection is interrupted, I suggest that you exit Bb, login again, try to reenter the same quiz/exam attempt and finish the quiz/exam.


Please visit Assessment and review my Grading policy. The following weights will be assigned to each component of your final grade:

  • Quizzes (40%)
  • Exam #1 (30%)
  • Exam #2 (30%)

Please visit the My Grades tab in Blackboard for your grades on each deliverable.