DT&L Week 2 (315)

We celebrate Labor Day this week! An interesting holiday to begin our DT&L experience since so much of the disruption we are discussing impacts the traditional definition of a job and how that evolves into a career. The technology and the disruption it drives are demolishing long-standing employment paradigms and replacing them with opportunities that were unimaginable recently. Those new employment opportunities frequently require a new skill set though. The growth of the freelance, or gig, economy is also creating entirely new employment models and putting pressure on the regulatory environment that defines the portability of benefits.

The sharing economy, see Airbnb, Uber, etal, is disrupting entire industries by taking unused assets and putting them in a position to generate revenue for their owners. Of course, in order to participate in the sharing economy you must have assets to share. And it is somewhat difficult to acquire assets if you don’t have a job.


So our discussion, in Slack, about the variety of ways to organize the DTA project went well, I think. We will finish our discussion on Wednesday by developing the framework of the project, i.e., topics, structure, timelines, etc.

Looking forward to it!