Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning is a collaborative enterprise. All who participate in a learning environment have responsibility for its success. That responsibility demands that everyone bring their best efforts to the experience, engage fully by having prepared in advance and being ready to challenge and be challenged.

My approach to teaching and learning is certainly not unique. All of us who teach, I believe, seek to create challenging learning environments for our students, help them to better understand difficult subject matter, consider the ethical challenges raised by that subject matter and, finally, help them to evolve into productive citizens who contribute to their communities.

I am not an “easy” professor. I am a challenging teacher who, while maintaining rigorous standards, is also readily available to help students meet those challenges. I create, with your assistance,  learning environments that will raise the bar on your performance expectations.

I invest a great deal of time developing methodologies that integrate both standard and cutting edge information technologies into my courses. I have migrated all of my courses to digital platforms that allow me to introduce alternative delivery methods for assignments, communication, teamwork and subject matter delivery. Since 2004, the digital platforms I have integrated include wikis, discussion boards, digital journals, videoconferencing, text messaging, eReaders and a variety of mobile platforms. This effort supports my commitment to integrating applied and experiential approaches with the theoretical.

Finally, I fully expect that we’ll have some laughs along the way.